Friday, January 07, 2005

Appeal From Arthur C. Clarke for Tsunami Relief Assistance

Since scientist and science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke lives in Sri Lanka, I had been wondering whether he was all right and whether he had any comments about the tsunami disaster. So I was pleased to find a message from him on the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Web site:

I have a particular interest in Clarke, as I enjoyed his writings as a teenager and also heard a lecture by him and met him in the mid-1960s when he spoke in Raleigh, NC, at NCSU. He was very kind to a young geek and signed a couple of his books for me, which I still have.

As far as supporting disaster relief, Clarke recommends donating to international organizations such as Care and Oxfam. However, he especially recommends a Sri Lankan organization that is particularly suited to helping in this situation:

"Alternatively, consider supporting Sarvodaya, the largest development charity in Sri Lanka, which has a 45-year track record in reaching out and helping the poorest of the poor. Sarvodaya has mounted a well organised, countrywide relief effort using their countrywide network of offices and volunteers who work in all parts of the country, well above ethnic and other divisions."

Sarvodaya's Web site is at

AB -- 1/7/05


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